CDI Education

I've been assimilated full-time by the good folks at CDI Education as a "Senior Consultant" (the best name we could come up with for my role as architect, mentor, developer, speaker and sometime trainer). CDI is the leading corporate trainer in Canada and they've been my primary client since March. I'm really proud of the .NET development we've already done and am really looking forward to the projects we have planned over the next year. From the President on down they've put a great team together and I'm glad to be a part of it.

How good are they? Just last night at Microsoft's 2004 IMPACT Awards, CDI took home the CPLS Learning Partner of the Year Award (it's the last award listed on the page, the award's criteria are posted here). CDI's winning submission was for a .NET Academy crafted to migrate developers at a major bank to the .NET platform. Congratulations to everyone I work with who had a hand in this success!


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