ASPInsiders Site Redesigned

Who are the ASPInsiders? We're a group of industry influencers and early adopters who work closely with the ASP.NET and IIS development teams in Redmond. You likely recognize many of the names on the membership roster, we're all pretty active in the developer community in one way or another. Membership is tight, and to answer the most common question off the top: There isn't much, if anything you can do to move your own name along. If you're a suitable candidate then we already know about you. If or when you receive ten nominations from existing members, we will contact you. That's the process everyone but the founders went through to become members, and it's worked well to foster a high level of trust and respect among the membership.

What do we do? That depends on the product cycle. Now that Whidbey is in public beta, the time for feature requests is past and we're really kicking the wheels and helping to find (and solve) remaining issues. If you've found something, tell one of us and we'll pass the message along. In the upcoming months you will see ASPInsiders more active in the community, helping people take full advantage of the improvements to the platform.

So what's in it for you? Well, if you have suggestions, feedback, or gripes concerning ASP.NET it's hard to know whether your voice is being heard. Tell an ASPInsider, and you will be heard. If you're interested in Whidbey and would like to know more, you can ask or hire an ASPInsider, pick up one of their books, read their articles, go see one speak, invite one to speak at your user group, or invite one (or more) out for dinner. But please, go easy on the drinks, we've got a big day tomorrow.

How do you get to know us better? Check out the web site. It's just received a make-over and some content is yet to be migrated, but it's a nice start and we'd be happy to hear your feedback. You can also check out our weblogs, I have a mostly-complete list of pages and feeds in my blogroll, check it out!


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