CodeSmith Updated (Spread the Word)

CodeSmith is one of the best apps to happen to development and it's been updated to version 2.6. The update mainly contains improvments to CodeSmith Studio (a VS-style IDE for developing templates); for those of you (us?) who rely mainly on the free CodeSmith Explorer it contains a number of minor fixes to make it a worthwhile install.

One nice touch is that the folder hierarchy now automatically sorts templates by language. For example, when I connect to the network location where my team shares templates I now see C# and T-SQL folders, making it a touch easier to navigate. A detailed list of changes is available on Eric's site, here's the short list:

  • Syntax highlighting of both template and target languages in CodeSmith Studio.
  • Much improved Visual Studio .NET custom tool.
  • Outlining support in CodeSmith Studio.
  • Line modification markers in CodeSmith Studio.
  • CodeSmith Studio is now a single instance application.
  • Improved compiler and template execution performance.
  • Better Unicode support.
  • Tons of other minor improvements and bug fixes.
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