Canada Votes

If you're not in Canada or only want to read technical blogs, this ain't for you. Skip to next. 

Canada votes tomorrow, and it's a nervous occasion for people who give a damn about the country. Let's see, do we pick the party that ran a stable, quiet government that generally stayed out of people's way, that understands that controlling gun violence in cities justifies ticking off rural citizens even though they aren't to blame (though the average rural pontification on politics usually begins with “lining up the politicians and shooting 'em,” and I have an uncle who'd be happy to tell you the same, so I'm actually all for controlling guns in rural Canada too). The only real problem with the Liberals is a history of cronyism, which blew up in a Enron-esque scandal with relatively minor economic consequences. A few people screwed up, the investigation was reasonably swift, people lost jobs and face harsh sentences, it's being dealt with. Trust me, you'll forget about it in a few months no matter who wins this week. It ain't worth a grudge vote to throw your contry down the tubes.

Yes, whether it was tens or hundreds of millions, this was a minor economic hit when compared to the manner in which the Conservatives propose to deconstruct Canada. They promise to take apart health care as we know it, kill social programs as those who need the support know 'em, and shut down every institution that prevents our inner cities and rural communities from becoming as destitute, dangerous, and broken down as their same-size American counterparts. To everyone in Alberta (where I was born) and Saskatchewan (where I grew up) who wants to vote for Harper, all I can say is that you'll need your f'ing guns if your leader is elected because the comforts you take for granted will be gone. If you really want to live that way, I'd rather you moved south, you'll feel comfortable anywhere from Montana through Texas.

And if you are in Saskatchewan and planning to vote Conservative, what the hell are you thinking? You aspire to be more like North Dakota? Think about it Chester. With that X you're asking for all the respect and power commanded by, what, Minot? C'mon, at least aspire not to lose the way of life you've got. 

The debates had me thinking that the Bloc was the most sane choice of the bunch, how's that for head-scratcher. I kinda wish they had a candidate in my riding. But they don't. There's the NDP who wore out their welcome by placing a sign on my lawn without asking. See ya. Eight years ago I voted for Doug Henning's Natural Law Party but they're dead as Doug. And when I voted NL, the front-runners were equally harmless, it was worth the joke. 

I'm not a big fan of Paul Martin, but he and the Liberals aren't promising to destroy the things that give Canada an ounce of self-respect and the respect of her peers. We've been known for these qualities since before WW I clear around the world. Stephen Harper would see Canada become despised on equal footing with the US, only without a military large enough to bully our way out of a paper bag.

You want the attention of terrorist groups? You want to make our landmarks their target? Let Harper be your mouthpiece. You don't care about Canada's landmarks or the people who benefit from Canada's way of governance? Let's say they disappear in your ideal world. Who's the next link to be broken off the food chain? What happens when the lowest common denominator is you?

So call it the safe vote. Call it a dumb vote, because I'd be better off financially in the short term if Harper won. Long-term, it's both economic and social suicide. I don't want my daughter to grow up in a country where people don't give a damn about their neighbours. It's not even a Liberal vote so much as a vote for Canada. See you at the polls.

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