Web Development Trends: Mobile First, Data-Oriented Development, and Single Page Applications

I recently had the opportunity to give a keynote talk at an Intel conference about key trends in the world of Web development that I feel teams should be taking into account with projects. It was a lot of fun and I had the opportunity to talk with a lot of different people about projects they’re working on.

There are a million things that could be covered for this type of talk (HTML5 anyone?) but I only had 60 minutes and couldn’t possibly cover them all so I decided to focus on 3 key areas: mobile, data-oriented development, and SPAs. The talk was geared toward introducing people (many who weren’t Web developers) to topics such as mobile first development (demos showed a few tools to help here), responsive design techniques, data binding techniques that can simplify code, and Single Page Application (SPA) benefits. Links to code demos shown during the presentation can be found at the end of the slide deck.

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  • Do you think Microsoft will abandon Webforms or modofy them to cope with the single page app. I certainly hope its the latter because, if things continue as they are, they'll be an obsolete technology.

  • Very nice. I think mobile first as a concept will die personally. It's the right thing right now but we'll be developing true multi channel services again in a few years.

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