Web Camp LA – September 10th, 2010 with Phil Haack, James Senior and Jon Galloway

image If you’re in the Los Angeles, CA area and interested in different Web development technologies you’ll definitely want to check out the Web Camp LA event scheduled for September 10th, 2010 if you haven’t already. Phil Haack, James Senior and Jon Galloway (all extremely cool guys who know a lot about different Web technologies) will be presenting.  Phil Haack is the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC PM responsible for pumping out all the cool new features in ASP.NET MVC 2 and the upcoming ASP.NET MVC 3 frameworks. James and Jon are Microsoft’s Web Evangelists.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jon Galloway at the Web Camp NYC event a few months ago and can verify that it’s a ton of fun to attend especially if you enjoy getting your hands dirty with new technology and interacting with some of the key Microsoft people involved in creating it. I haven’t heard the final list of topics that will be covered but here’s a sampling of what they had people vote on…fun stuff!


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