The AngularJS JumpStart Video Training Course Has Been Released!



I’m super excited to announce that I’ve released a new course titled AngularJS JumpStart on (videos, slides, and source code are all included)! The course provides a step-by-step look at building AngularJS applications and covers all of the key concepts that you need to know to get started with it. If you enjoyed my AngularJS in 60ish Minutes YouTube video or have enjoyed my other training/video courses then you’ll love this course!

Here’s the course introduction and the complete first module. The course overview and an opportunity to get huge discounts or even win a FREE copy of the course are below. You can also watch the first module (as well as additional videos from the course) absolutely free on the site.


AngularJS JumpStart Course Introduction + Module 1


AngularJS JumpStart Course Overview

AngularJS is a robust Single Page Application (SPA) framework that can be used to build dynamic, client-centric applications. In this course by Dan Wahlin you'll learn key concepts that you need to know to get started building AngularJS applications such as controllers, scope, views, routes, factories, services and more. The course provides step-by-step walk-throughs and coding demos that you're encouraged to code along with to enhance the learning process. By the end of the course you'll understand how all of the AngularJS pieces fit together and be able to apply this knowledge to building your own custom SPAs.

The AngularJS JumpStart course is broken down into 6 modules with each module providing source code so that you can follow along with Dan.

  1. AngularJS - The Big Picture
  2. Views, Directives and Filters
  3. Controllers, Scope and Modules
  4. Routing
  5. Services and Factories
  6. UI and Animation

By the end of the course you'll have walked through of all of the key components in AngularJS and built a working Single Page Application. If you're looking to "jumpstart" your AngularJS knowledge look no further than this course!

View a complete list of topics covered here.

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  • Hi Dan,

    Are these videos likely to go on to PluralSight any time soon.

  • Im in! Purchased the course. Love your work and love being able to support you directly! Thanks!

  • Thanks Jason! Really appreciate it!


  • Duncan:

    This course won't be going on Pluralsight . They already had some related content so I couldn't put it there unfortunately.


  • that's a bummer about pluralsight. There are many ways to "skin a cat" and some are better than others. Maybe you could spin it that way to pluralsight to get this content up there? ;-)

  • Is this new AngularJS jumpstart series being coded using Visual Studio?

  • Dan,

    Just wanted to say thanks very much for the video. As one of your many Twitter followers, I managed to bag the video at a reduced price, so thank you very much. Oh, and the Udemy player is far better on an iPhone than Pluralsight. Hope to see you on a Pluralsight course, soon.


  • Thanks ahanusa. I completely agree. They need to hear that from subscribers.

  • 100% sure that Dan Wahlin is the best teacher on planet..

  • Thanks nolimi7! I'm very flattered. Glad to hear you like the course. :-)

  • What!?!?! I'm paying the PluralSight subscription, and they are not putting up additional content because it's related? to similar? CRAZY! Let the subscribers decide.

    I'm also a fan of how you present content, and really disappointment about PluralSight. I'll be to give them my input as well.

    Also still enjoy your Flipboards. Thanks!

  • Yes, you are the best teacher!!! Bought your AngularJS and also recommended the same site to another co-worker. Now, how about MVC5 + EF6 + AngularJS + Sql Server + N-Tier. I know you have always been a fan of N-Tier all the way from ASP.NET 2.0. Do you think AngularJS competes against MVC5?

  • Thanks LP - really appreciate that.

    As far as AngularJS and MVC5, it's really two different worlds since one is client-side and one is server-side. I think AngularJS and Web API (and MVC5 if dynamic views are served) make a really good team. :-)


  • Mike,

    It definitely didn't work out how I planned but I'm happy the course (a different version anyway) finally made it out there on I still plan to do courses with Pluralsight as well down the road. :-)


  • I wish you had provided the files used in the video :/

  • Hi Dan,

    First I watched your 60 min introduction. From that onwards I am a fan of you.

    You are a real teacher. Great voice. Technically sound. Teach from basics to advance to cover all levels of students. Great work to the computing society.

    After this course, I am proud to say, I am a Angular primer. Please provide the next level Angular course ASAP.


  • Hi Dan,
    I just want to confirm with you that course is based on AngularJS using ASP.Net Framework as development platform, specifically MVC. Is that correct? This is because I'm currently working on a project trying to migrate an old fashion Windows Form application to a modern SPA. So far we are in prototype phase and I found this course very interesenting...

    Thanks for your answer,

  • jdeintegrator:

    The course focuses on AngularJS and teaches what you'd need to know to integrate with virtually any backend technology (Web API, Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, etc.). There is a small Node.js example as a server (very basic) but aside from that the course focuses 100% on AngularJS.

    Sounds like a fun project that you're involved with! Good luck with it.


  • Well I guess the name speaks for itself. If you want to jump into AngularJS , look no further, this introduction video series covers all you need to feel at ease with AngularJS. We'll all aware that getting accustomed with a new coding context like AngularJS can be time consuming and even lead to ambiguities when not following a proper pattern. I work a lot with MVC 5 and Web API 2 and I had started focusing more on AngularJS. Still I felt something was missing. I'm rather fussy when it comes to good coding and I hate ambiguities. What I loved about Dan's approach is that everything is clearly explained in a clean and concise flow pattern. One thing I'd like to mention is the idea of "here's what I prefer using but you may as well use a variant approach if you feel more comfortable". Now that's brillant... So in any cases you know what fits your needs and where you're going. IMHO is all the essence of learning things the right way. Thanks to Dan I now feel pretty comfortable with AngularJS. I love it...

  • Dan, this looks cracking but quick question - is this coded to AngularJS v1.2+ or an older version?
    Plenty of stuff over the net is v1.0.x and it's really hard to find current up to date material.

  • Hi Chris,

    Great question actually since there is a lot of old stuff out there. This course is based on AngularJS 1.2+.


  • D. Chamberland,

    Thanks! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the AngularJS JumpStart course. I appreciate you taking the time to comment about it.


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