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About 6 months ago my good friend Spike Xavier and I got together on a Saturday to work on a new song since we like to get away from programming now and then and mess around with music for fun.  It'd been awhile since we released our last song titled No More DLL Hell and we decided that we needed to write a new song about one of our favorite new application frameworks....Silverlight.  After a few hours we came up with some patterns and riffs we liked but we weren't happy with the overall melody.  We shelved it, got busy with other work things and didn't do much related to music. 

A couple of weeks ago Spike came over and we started up the project again and finished the initial version of the song.  I'm a perfectionist (which can be really bad with song writing and recording) so I tweaked it over the next few days adding background layers, experimenting with different drum kits, synth sounds, mix levels, effects, etc.  We sent out an initial beta of the song (yeah....we're adding geek terms into the process of song writing) to Scott Guthrie, Adam Kinney and Tim Heuer (all cool guys directly involved with Microsoft's Silverlight product) and a few others but we still wanted to change a few things.  After playing around with the song a little more and finding "the" drum kit that we both liked for the intro we got it all wrapped up.  It's different than a "standard" song since we wanted to keep it short and sweet with an intro that builds up.

So, without further adieu, here's the world premier of our new song titled Silverlight.  Some will love it, some will hate it....and that's music.   Add a comment either way and let us know what you think. Thanks in advance to all 6 of our fans (including my wife and kids and Spike's wife and kids), to Live Streaming for hosting it and to Silverlight guru Tim Heuer for reminding me about Live Streaming. :-) 

Update:  We've had several people inquire about using the song in talks, podcasts, etc.  You're free to use the song in any (positive) manner.  A reference to where people can download it (to this blog entry) would be appreciated. 

Download MP3 (right click and Save As) 

Spike Xavier and Dan Wahlin (with additional help from Heedy Wahlin)


feed this need for quality
vector based delivery
we write it in xaml, we roll like a caml
we love it like baml
3D dioramma

lightweight subset of the CLR
down the wire with fluidity
you won't believe it, if you can conceive it
your users retrieve it
and their minds receive it.

it's Silverlight
it's strong and tight
they got it right
try it tonight

take the web to a brand new height

No More DLL Hell (MP3)

Spike Xavier and Dan Wahlin

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Finally, here's a list of the equipment and software used since I know a lot of other developers like to play around with music as well: Tags: ,,

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