Silverlight 4 Code Demos from the Microsoft TechReady Workshop

I had the opportunity to give a 1-day workshop covering new Silverlight 4 features at the TechReady conference on Microsoft’s Redmond campus this weekend and wanted to post some of the sample code shown for the people who attended and anyone else who’s interested. The workshop was based on the free Silverlight LOB course Microsoft put together which has a lot of detailed lab exercises and videos available if you haven’t seen them. The demo code covers many of the topics detailed in the What’s New in Silverlight 4 whitepaper that John Papa put together.

Due to time constraints I ended up switching to 100% demos in the afternoon session so we could get through all the content in a day which worked out well and allowed us to cover a lot of ground in 6 hours. There were several different groups there from Microsoft such as DPE, devs from various product groups as well as different services groups such as MCS. Thanks to everyone in attendance for the great questions and interaction during the workshop. I enjoyed talking with everyone about the ways they were using Silverlight 4 within Microsoft and externally with customers.

Download Samples

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  • Hi Dan,

    I saw your talks at DevConnections and thought they were really great. I am trying to use the ServiceAgent concept where I am abstracting my WCF calls but I am unsure how to add retry and failure logic besides placing in the callbacks and checking that nothing bad happened once the service agent passes back results to the ViewModels. Do you have any samples where you take the ServiceAgent a step further and provide retry and failure handling in the ServiceAgent for all calls or do you have any thoughts or guidance?


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