My Latest ASP.NET AJAX Articles

Over the past few months I've been writing articles for the .NET Insight insight newsletter covering various ASP.NET AJAX concepts.  The articles are designed to be focused and concise and get straight to the topic without a lot of fluff.  Everything written to this point is listed below:

Once Web Service topics are wrapped up the next articles will go into membership and provider services and then switch gears and start talking more about Silverlight.  If you have a specific aspect of ASP.NET AJAX you'd like covered let me know.

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  • Your article states "The code below shows a standard .NET Web Service with a single Web Method named Add(). While this service will work fine with clients that are capable of working with SOAP, it won't work "out of the box" with ASP.NET AJAX applications since it doesn't know how to work with JSON messages."

    I have an AJAX enabled application and was able to make the method work straight up without any attributes, hence it worked "out of the box". I am not sure I understand what the purpose is to add the additional attribute, is it for clients (browsers, othe applications) which invoke the method however can't handle soap, becasue they are strict AJAX application? My application is a ASP.NET browser based application callin gweb services on an IIS platform. What am I missing here?

  • Mike,

    That's definitely interesting. I'm not sure how the AJAX proxy object you would've created using the ScriptManager would have worked if you're not using the ScriptService attribute unless the browser was able to parse the SOAP (IE can parse SOAP...the old Web Service Behavior did this). It definitely wouldn't work cross-browser though since FireFox and others have little or no XML parsing support built-in. If you're doing everything server-side it would work fine of course, but if you're using the ScriptManager to generate a client-side JavaScript proxy then the ScriptService attribute needs to be on the service so that JSON messages are passed to and from the client.

  • Dan, excellent posting on 'Consuming Web Services with ASP.NET AJAX'. It worked right out of the box for me, and really saved my bacon on my current project. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading your articles! Now, if only we could convince you to code in C#... Heh heh.

  • Interesting Reading. Thanks.

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