Getting the IE9 Beta to Play Well with Visual Studio 2010


I’ve been playing with IE9 quite a bit lately and really like what I’m seeing in the browser. It’s fast, standards compliant (from what I’ve seen so far anyway), sleek and leaves a lot of room to display web content. However, I’ve been running into problems with “page not found” errors when trying to load ASP.NET or Silverlight web pages from Visual Studio 2010. I’ve also seen calls to web services fail sporadically when the calls are made directly from the browser (AJAX or Silverlight). I don’t have the problem at all with other browsers so I knew it must be related to the IE9 beta.

After doing a little searching I came across a bug reported on Microsoft’s Connect site. There’s a “Workaround” tab that provides some simple instructions for fixing the issue. In sum, you need to remove a comment from the localhost line in the hosts file on your system (located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc). Once I did that everything started working perfectly and I don’t get “page not found” errors anymore.


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  • Looks like IE9 is going for some native IP v6 support, eh?

  • Dan, thanks for passing this great!

  • BTW, this isn't just IE 9. Any page on any server (mostly aspx pages) will cause this since an update around May of this year. (I don't know which one but I can repro that a Windows 7 clean machine does not do this). The page will come back with not found or similar with a timeout. All other browsers wait and the page comes up.

    Real pain when doing testing and the site is warming up.

  • Thanks a lot Dan. I was running into the same issue, getting lots of 404 with IE9 Beta, when starting ASP.NET, MVC, Silverlight apps from Visual Studio. Thanks for pointing to the solution.

  • John:

    Thanks for the info. I haven't had that problem since the update you mention but it's definitely good to know in case I run into again.


    That's a bummer you're still seeing the problem even with the hosts file fixed up like in the workaround. I don't know the answer there but if you happen to find a solution please let us all know.

  • I was just thinking to try out the new IE9 Beta and I was searching on the internet for details about the new browser, when I found your post. Your tip will be of great value for me because I have installed Visual Studio 2010 in my computer. Thanks!

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