New Song Released - No More DLL Hell

  No More DLL Hell (mp3)

Written and Performed By: Dan Wahlin & Spike Xavier

For those unfamiliar with the term "DLL Hell" (that's pretty much anyone who isn't a software developer), it's a term used by programmers to refer to versioning problems with Microsoft's older software.  My good buddy Spike Xavier and I came up with the idea of writting a song about the concept while stuck in Phoenix traffic one day.  Basically we wanted to write about how much better Microsoft's .NET platform is compared to their older technologies....mainly because we were bored I guess and because we're happy we don't have to use COM technologies much anymore.  Some will like the song's style (or lack thereof), some won't depending upon what type of music you listen to.  Here's the feedback we've received to date:

Heedy Wahlin (my wife):  "I think that kind of music is detrimental to your health!".
Jeffery Wahlin (age 10): "[Comment made during a mixing session] Dad....please turn it down!"
Danny Wahlin (age 11): "[Comment made while listening to the song in my truck] Spike's quite the screamer."

Even though feedback from the family hasn't been overly encouraging, Spike and I had a lot of fun recording it.  It was recorded in my office so my neighbors probably thought someone was being killed or something since the process was pretty loud.  But, the cops didn't show up fortunately.  If you're into more mellow music, here's some of the stuff I've written and recorded recently.  Both songs are quite a bit more several orders of magnitude.

  Reality (mp3)

  No Shame In Crying (mp3)


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  • Not quite my taste in music, but having developed in COM for a number of years, I appreciate the pain in the song.

    I'm liking Reality, it is a nice relief after listening to No More DLL Hell. The vocals remind me of the newer Bob Geldof (which is good).

  • Nice! Your song rocks...

  • Glad you liked it Greg....and thanks for giving it a listen Gavin. If it sounds painful at all it's because Spike has a knack for singing things that way and we wrote it with a "we feel your pain" type of slant. He's one of the happiest guys I've ever met so it was fun recording with him since he sounds like he's mad at the world or something yet while he's screaming he's smiling and giving the thumbs up signal. My vocal parts sound like Barry Manilow compared to him. :-)

  • Pretty cool - I got a grin out of this, anyways.

  • Wow!
    It's so nice to hear music from developers that doesn't sound like music from developers.
    Great Job!
    I am going to share this song with as many people as possible. How many people in your band?
    Are you going to perform at tech ed?

  • Perform at Tech Ed? That'd be fun. Spike's toured all over the U.S. and Europe so he'd feel right at home....although I wouldn't count on it happening. :-)

  • Sooooo nice song :D
    I love the style, and unfortunatley I share your pain too...

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