Mobile Client Software Factory on VS 2008? Sure!

One of my customers was interested in some of the cool features of the Mobile Client Software Factory, but they wanted to develop on Visual Studio 2008. The original version from p&p wasn’t updated to VS 2008, but Glenn Block has a post that describes how to get MSCF to run in VS 2008.

We had some initial problems getting it to work.If you do, too, here are some things to check:


  • Make sure you have v.1.4 of GAT/GAX installed:

1) GAX February 2008 Release

2) GAT for VS2008 - February 2008 Release

  • You may need also to change the GATRegistry value to “Installer\Products\A741EEBC995A0984782CC041A01336F3”.

Additionally, the MSCF MSI performs checks for ActiveSync 4.5 and Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5.0 SDK.

For ActiveSync on WinXP you need:

On Vista you don’t have ActiveSync but you need WMDC:

Once you have ActiveSync or WMDC you can install WM5.0 Pocket PC SDK.

Also note, that if you’re after the Orientation Aware Control from the mobile composite UI block, Clarius has a newer version for VS 2008


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