A new day for DotNetNuke, 5.1 Released

So it’s been a long time coming, but finally, today, there is a stable release of the next step in the evolution of DotNetNuke. Version 05.01.00 was released today on www.DotNetNuke.com 

If you’ve been under a rock, DotNetNuke 5 has been coming for quite some time, in December 5.0.0 was released, with 5.0.1 coming in February. Unfortunately both releases had a number of breaking changes that caused problems for third party modules. Well 5.1 resolves all of those known issues and moves the platform that next big step forward.

If you’re running older versions of DNN I recommend taking a look at the upgrade to 5.1. Here’s a list of features in 5.1 from Joe Brinkman.

You can also check out the latest DotNetNuke Podcast from www.dnnvoice.com in which Tom Kraak and I talk about the 5.1 release, as well as cover the Day of DNN event.

I’ve updated my personal website, car website, and my DNN Community sites (www.dnnvoice.com and www.dnnblogs.com). I’ve got a few more sites to upgrade tonight, but those are the most trafficked sites for now.

As with all upgrades/installs for DNN I highly recommend you backup your file system and database prior to upgrade, just in case. If you’re looking for how to perform an upgrade, check out this blog post I made a while back.

A huge thanks to everyone in the DNN community who provided development, and testing for the 5.1 release! This is a big day for DNN!

If you’re upgrading from DNN 4 you might run into an error with the 05.01.00 SQL script during the upgrade process, it’s not a big deal as your site will function fine, but you can find the fix for it here, run this from the host/sql page once your upgrade is complete.


  • I finally gear up to make the leap to learn another new thing, I go to


    and BOOM


    Once again, my attempt to learn something new begins with rocks in my shoes . . . :-)

  • Mitchell, unfortunately it looks like someone screwed the database, I've let the appropriate people know so they can get it fixed.

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