My MonoTouch session at DDD8

Yesterday (Saturday 30th January 2010) was the 8th Developer Developer Developer conference held at the Microsoft offices in Reading, UK. I won't go in to detail about the event but suffice to say - it was amazing! Well put together, great sponsors, great organizers, great speakers and most importantly great attendees. It was good to meet some new faces and plenty of old too. In case you didn't catch me at my session or about the conference then here's what I looked like... needless to say I'm not Dave Sussman but the emo kid on the left.

From following the #ddd8 hashtag on Twitter and the blogs that come off of that, it seems that people enjoyed my session and also want to the slides go up along with the samples I used in my session. First of all, I put up my slides for the Reading session on Slideshare, you can see it embedded below.


In my session there were two demos that I showed, iCalc example and a Twitter example. I've put both of them up on GitHub for you to browse around the source and also download them. To get them working you'll need to install Mono, MonoDevelop, iPhone SDK and MonoTouch.

iCalc Example

Twitter Example

Hope this helps,



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