Where have I been?

Wow, a lot has happened since I last posted to this blog. For quite a while I haven't been able to log in even if I had the motivation or content to post. I guess I should do something now the RobH and the guys have upgraded weblogs.asp.net to CS2.

The most recent posts in my archive talked about us wanting to emigrate to Canada. At that time it looked like Winnipeg. Well, that fell through. The house prices are ridiculously cheap but I couldn't find any employment (excluding a low-level programming position or farm labourer). We also tried Calgary, after Vancouver worked out waaaaay to expensive, but Calgary has also been experiencing a property bubble through Alberta getting rich off the oil industry. So for now we are stuck in England. I still have my eye on Canada, possibly new brunswick, although the job market doesn't seem much better than Manitoba.

Work wise I left the marketing agency where I was working and set up my own company. I was offered a contract to work with a couple of great blokes who were forming a startup called Performancing. I am kind of the technical bod, if they had job titles I would be something like a CTO but without the suit, corner office, etc. Our main services right now are a firefox extension for bloggers and a free blog stats service called Performancing Metrics.

Right now I am getting my hands dirty in the dark side; PHP, Apache, MySQL, Drupal, CVS ... It's been very interesting, never underestimate the power of the dark side. I am also pretty excited about trying to persuade anyone who will listen to allow me to build a .NETv2 project. No joy so far.

While I still keep one ear in the Microsoft universe, especially my UK friends on the MSWebDev.org.uk list I haven't had much hands-on involvement with ASP.NET because my focus has been getting Performancing off the ground which is open source based but I hope to remedy that, starting with DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper. Look me up if you are going, it should be a blast.

It's not all work, I have also got massively into photography since purchasing my DSLR, check out my digital photography blog.

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