MVP no more

Guess it had to happen some time. I am no longer an MVP - official.

While this news makes me surprisingly sad I had expected it for a long time. In fact I expected it last year.

My ASP/ASP.NET activity this year has been near zero. Just look at this blog, one post this year? I attended DDD and that is just about it, other than installing some beta software and hanging around the MSWebDev and aspinsiders lists. Code-wise I have been 100% LAMP since last Christmas.

So depressing but expected. The thing is MVP is awarded to people who contribute positively to the Microsoft community and while I host and moderate MsWebDev with Plip I do very little actual "turning up" any more. I haven't got any free time and little to say when I have.

I guess this means I can remove visual studio from all my machines now and not just my laptop. 

Congratulations to all those who did achieve it this year :)


  • Hey, if it makes you feel any better, you weren't the only one. I know I now feel better knowing I'm not the only one anyhow. :)

  • It does actually, thanks Paul :O)

  • Don't honor status symbols and these p*nis enlargements. The important thing is to be "MVP" for the people close to you... your wife, daughter and those chubby cats.

    I think that this MVP status thing makes people contribute for Microsoft even more than they did before they were promoted. That's a good thing for Microsoft, because they now have this "pyramid model" of people who work for them for free (or for MVP status).

    I think it's nice that MS recognices these contributions, but losing MVP status should not be thing to feel sad about. :-)

  • Hah, good way of looking at it Aapo

  • For me, you still a precious MVP. Since that your GDI+ tutorial is one of main reference.....
    Hope you will get it again...

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