Yes still interested! New media in winnipeg?

I just got asked by two different people if I was still in the UK. Unfortunately, yes :O( I know, I know, tell me about it. I wanted Amy (my daughter) to start school in Canada for the new term in september but looks extremely unrealistic now doesn't it?

So I still want to move to Winnipeg but more and more I am starting to think that there isn't a very healthy web industry there (my blog is still on the first page of google for winnipeg web agency., Yahoo Jobs, MediaJobSearchCanada .. nothing for internet and ecommerce in winnipeg. The only jobs that seem available are sales, clerks or hard-core application developer roles (my experience is in web site development and internet marketing, be a bit of a stretch for me to go into financial services application development or SAP or something).

I met Joel Semeniuk  for a chat when he was over in the UK earlier in the year. Really nice guy and well connected, even he didn't know of anyone who wanted web developers in Manitoba. Seems like new media is still a bit of a cottage industry over there. If I started my own web agency or did freelance would there be any work or would I end up coming back to the UK and have to start over? I am hanging out on techvibes but the majority of the people who do similar to me seem to be in Toronto and Vancouver.

I am in Winnipeg in August if anyone wants to interview me, contact me for my resume ;O)



  • Lovely place Winnipeg, I visited there a few years ago and fell in love with the place... I quite understand why you want to move there, the people are great.

    If there is a dearth of Web development in Winnipeg, surely that would bode well for you starting your own freelance work there no?

    Anyhow, good luck and I hope things pan out for you.

    Myself, I never made the move to Canada... I now live off the coast of West Africa of all places. Go figure.

  • Thanks for the comment Guy. West africa eh? cool!

    Yeah you can look at it glass half full or half empty - I just worry that the lack of activity is down to lack of demand! :Oo



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