Oh Canada

Still trying to work out the legal and logistical nightmare that is getting my family and myself immigrated to Canada. There are many issues, my mum and dads status and whether they can return (after 30 years!), if I can sponsor my parents and wife from here in the UK without proof of Canadian income, school for Amy, Job for me, which would enable us to look for a house .. where to go, what to do ..

It's a slow process, hampered by the fact not all the official departments answer email, some only accept fax and letters. A really helpful lady on the Canadian side has helped us out a great deal. At least we have Amy sorted and are filing the papers for her Citizenship and applying for my passport once we return from Vancouver in a few weeks (we need to send the passports off).

Job situation looks bleak. The job sites are not showing much joy, especially Winnipeg which looks our most likely destination. Anyone know any internet marketing, web agency, marketing agency or even asp/asp.net programming shops in winnipeg? A search for winnipeg web agency showed my blog entry as the top result in google for a while, still on first page. I have been told not to expect Canadian companies to show any interest in applicants from overseas and especially "Limeys". I am not English but I do live here and sound like one which I am told will work against me.

Originally we looked at Vancouver as we love the place and has best climate but we only know one person there, Kevin O'Toole (a vancouver realtor) . He is a great guy but I am sure he wouldn't want to put up with us all landing on his doorstep!

We did consider Calgary as that is where my parents lived while in Canada and where I was born. We have some family there. I see there is a great tech community too, nice one on the MVPs guys.

Just lately we have been favouring Winnipeg, especially when I saw on this blog that there is a thriving Winnipeg tech community. I have two cousins there nearer my own age and who seem warm to the idea of us moving near them (they may change their mind once they have to put up with us!).

Anyone able to give me any hope? :O)



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