CollabNet introduces Subversion Edge

A beta version Subversion Edge was just released.  It is a new product from CollabNet that brings together a complete Subversion installation into one easy to use package.  CollabNet has been a key supporter of Subversion & has a large number of Subversion committers on staff.

Some of the features include:

  • Download and install a certified stack of SVN, Apache, and ViewVC in under 3 minutes
  • Configure SVN and Apache from a single web UI - with best practices built in
  • Enable SSL with a single checkbox
  • Stay current with auto-updates
  • Browse SVN repositories with ViewVC
  • View and manage SVN and Apache logs
  • See server health stats at-a-glance
  • Manage user roles and permissions
  • Integrate with corporate LDAP

VisualSVN is another provider of an improved SVN installation & administration experience.  They have been providing the VisualSVN Server for a few years now.  The main differences with the CollabNet product is it adds the ViewVC tool for web-based browsing of your repository and server health monitoring. 

If you're running on Windows, either one of these products look like a good choice for getting up and running quickly on Subversion.  If you're on Linux, then Subversion Edge would be your choice since it is cross-platform.

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  • I'm currently a contractor with CloudShare ( and learning about other web-based tools. Is Collabnet going to come out with a completely Cloud-based platform? How long will the Beta be available, and is it free? We recently launched a new product, in Beta, currently free for a limited time...

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