RSS Subversion Change Log

Recently I needed to put the change log from our subversion repository online.  Luckily, Martin Pittenauer put together a great XSLT script that turns the XML produced by the SVN Log command into an RSS feed.  It utilizes eXSLT so you'll need to use a compatible XSLT tranform tool.

Step 1) Download the XSLT from Martin Pittenauer:
See his blog post for details

Step 2) Modify XSLT
Change the description, copyright, etc. in the XSLT to match your project

Step 3) Create script to pull log from XML and convert to RSS: 

Step 4) Schedule it using Windows Task Scheduler or CRON

This will publish your recent changes out to the feed.  It can then be viewed by IE7 or another RSS reader.

NOTE: You can pull recent changes on a branch, etc. by changing the URL passed to the svn log command.




  • Where to find that nxslt2.exe? Can anyone provide a download location?

    The real page for nxslt2.exe gives me a error.

  • Found a copy bundled with some other application :)

    Thank you for this tip, works great!

    One question: can I transform all Chr(13) entries to BR-tags? That would allow me to show new lines in the RSS-feed.

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