LINQ Cheat Sheet

 A while ago when I was learning LINQ I searched the web for a 'cheat sheet'. I needed a single document that covered most of the common scenarios w.r.t LINQ so that I would not need to google every time I was writing LINQ queries. I found one very good one : . But I wanted more (as usual) so I created my own. I was also new to lambda expressions and I wanted to learn the differences between syntax in a LINQ query written in 'query syntax' and 'lambda syntax' so I also included that as part of my cheat sheet. Every query is given in both syntaxes. Here is a screenshot:


Please let me know what you think. Did it help you? Where could it be improved? What would you add?

You can also download the code that I used when creating the document. It also includes basic testing to make sure the queries of both syntaxes returned the same results. Beware as it may contain some bugs ;)

UPDATE (3 Nov 2008) :  I updated the cheat sheet document. Changes made:

  • made the left and right margins smaller
  • adjusted column widths to be equal
  • added new example under 'Ordering' section (thanks to RichardD - see comments)
  • added new example under 'Element Operators' section and updated notes (thanks to RichardD - see comments)



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