Understanding API First Strategy and Benefits

What is an API First Strategy

What is an API First Strategy?


API First is more than building an API for every product you have. API First is a strategic and tactical methodology for how you view your products and your business and about adopting a mindset where your products are capabilities that you can deliver. API First focuses on the business value of APIs and what they deliver.

An API First and API-led Integration Strategy is essential to every organization. The companies that are adopting an API First Strategy are the ones that are gaining ground the quickest in the growing API Economy. API First allows you to view your business as a set of API Products that work together to provide the features, data, and capabilities that your organization's products produce.

APIs are what enable businesses to engage with consumers in the digital world and are how your products are going to be judged in the API Economy.

How fast are things moving in the API Economy? Let's take a look.

What happens in a minute?

A lot can happen in a minute.

In a single minute:

UPS will deliver 11,319 packages

Apple will make a little over $70k dollars

In a single minute, over $3 million dollars will be donated to charities around the world.

In the next 60 seconds, over 700K telephone calls will be made.

60 seconds is not a lot of time but it is enough time for a lot to happen.

A lot can also happen in a digital minute

In fact, according to the 2021 results compiled by Domo, a lot DOES happen in a digital minute.

These are some pretty big numbers.

For instance, in the next 60 seconds:

  • People watch 694K hours of videos on YouTube
  • Twitter users post 575k tweets
  • Slack users send 148k messages
  • Users stream 452k hours of video on Netflix
  • Google conducts 5.7M searches
  • 12M people send an iMessage
  • 6M people shop online
  • Users send 2M SnapChats
  • People watch 167M videos on TikTok

The list goes on and on but there is one thing in common.

All of these services (and more!) are powered by APIs.

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