"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

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It doesn't work.
The lights have long since been turned off. Your eyes are red and sore and there's a stack of empty coffee cups threatening to teeter-totter off of your desk and into your lap.
And it doesn't work.
You've been working on this nagging bug, this annoying program, this insignificant technical NOTHING for hours.
But it just doesn't work.
And then it comes! the flash, the light, the little cherubs blowing silver trumpets in your mind. Maybe a corworker passed by and idly pointed it out. Maybe your eyes have started looking sideways at your code in frustration. Whatever the reason - it's OVER. You've fixed the bug. The code works. You can go home now.

We've all been there. We've all banged our heads against the wall in frustration because of some stupid bug or undocumented API. We know the relief that comes when you finally get past it.

So this is what my blog is for. To relieve my frustration when I can't get something to work, and to gloat in exultation when I finally can. 



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