Don't forget to check "Static content service" in IIS7 installation

Before a couple of days ,I started to work on Vista and IIS 7, and since the default installation for Vista doesn't includes IIS7 ,

I started by trying to  install IIS 7.So I went to control panel, Programs and features, then to " turns windows features on or off",

After the dialog displayed , I navigate to application development features and checked and IIS management console,

then I selected to install them , after the installation finishes , I prompted to restart the computer and i did.

after i logged in a gain , and after i added an existing website to in IIS, i requested the website from the browser,then the problems started ,

the browser displayed an empty page with no images , no scripts ... I tried to restart, reinstall with no luck , after many  hours I find it , 

I didn't checked the "Static Content service" , look at the red Box in the Image below :

Note that the "static content" service is responsible for serving the Static contents like images, scripts , style sheets file, ....

In my opinion , if the user doesn't checked this option( which will be checked by default if you checked the " internet information service " root node  ) windows vista must displays an alert or something , so that the user  doesn't waste the time to know the problem ...

I have posted this problem  and hoping to help some one in the future.

BTW: this problem still exists in windows 7 and window server 2008


Best Regards,

Anas Ghanem 


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