The "Steve Rule" Proved True Again

Yesterday on The Daily WTF, I mentioned something I called the Steve Rule: in a random sample of programmers, there will be more named Steve then there will be females.

What's ironic is that I didn't mean that as a joke. In my personal experience, every group of programmers with fifteen or more always had more guys with the same name than women. No, it's not always Steve, but that was the name when I first made the observation (three Steves, one woman).

I thought I'd test the "Steve Rule" once again using the Weblogs.Asp.Net bloggers. To do this, I looked at the OPML [XML], and used the title of 258 blogs. There were 139 I skipped because either I couldn't tell the gender (no offense, Suresh Behera, et al.) or the title didn't have a name (e.g. Models and Hacks).

Of the blogs, I found six female bloggers:

For the guys, I was only able to find four different Steves. But, there were seven different names (with slight variations) that outnumbered the girls

  • Andrew (7)
  • Chris (7)
  • Dave (7)
  • Jason (7)
  • John (7)
  • Robert (7)
  • Scott (9).

So, for us Weblogs.Asp.Net bloggers, it looks like we are goverened by the "Scott Rule." How about that?


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