Your Daily Cup of WTF

An actual table from a production database. The client code uses it (I believe) by opening a recordset to it and extracting the field names. What's puzzling is that the system isn't a database schema tool, or anything like that. Just a plain old boring information system.

What I still can't figure out ... why are the columns not named intInt, and dtmDatetime :-)?


  • WTF is right. I am curious as to what it's actually being used for. If they needed schema info on datatypes, why not use sql's built-in functionality to get it? select * from systypes ...there it is. no need for some magic table. the original developer should be given a wedgie or purple nurple or some other form of gradeschool abuse.

  • well, how else will you get a list of the possible datatypes? i mean, besides the fact that any programmer probably has them memorized already, the pull down menu that lets you select the data type, help files, books online, ...

  • or have a table with

    strDataType, strDataTypeDesc?

  • I have a terrible, shameful urge to point at the first DailyWTF and shout... "FIRST!"


    Heh. The first WTF. The one that started it all. w00t!!!

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