Sharp Architecture 1.9.5 Released

 The S#arp Architecture team is proud to announce the release of version 1.9.5. This version has had the following changes:

  • Upgraded to MVC 3 RTM
  • Solution upgraded to .NET 4
  • Implementation of IDependencyResolver provided, but not implemented

This marks the last scheduled release of 1.X for S#arp Architecture. The team is working hard to get the 2.0 release out the door and we hope to have a preview of that coming soon.

With regards to IDependencyResolver, we have provided an implementation, but have not implemented it in the MVC project. There is a fatal flaw with the IDependencyResolver that makes using it with Castle Windsor not recommended. This stems from the fact that while it implements a Create method, it does not implment a Release method. While the MVC teams states the dependency resolver with call Dispose on any object that implements IDisposable that it is tracking, it does not call this on any children of that object that might have been create also. This can lead to memory leaks and poor performance. While there are ways to program around this, we do not feel that it is worth HACKING a solution to a problem that should not exist in the first place. It is our sincere hope that the MVC team will address this issue in the near future, but given the fact they have know about it since MVC 3 Preview 1, we are not holding out breath. You can read more about the issue here and here.

To download the latest version, please get it from

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