S#arp Architecture 1.5 Beta 1 released

 Well it is official, I just finished my first release for S#arp Architecture. While this is only a beta release, it does contain some big upgrades and we are hoping to get any bugs handled quickly so that we can get the RTM release completed. This will be a short post, with a more detailed posts coming in the next few days.

A big thanks goes out to Billy McCafferty, Michael Aird, Hoang Tang, and everyone else that had a say in this release.

Release notes

  • Built on top of ASP.NET MVC 2 RTM release
  • Use of built in areas to replace the original home grown ones
  • Updated ModelBinders
  • Jquery updated to 1.4.2
  • Addition of 'Enterprise' CRUD generation based on Application Services and CQS
  • Addition of Database project to go along with above
  • Updated NHibernate to
  • Updated Fluent NHibernate to
  • Updated Castle
    • Core - 1.2
    • Dynamic Proxy - 2.2
    • MicroKernel - 2.1
    • Windsor - 2.1
  • various bug fixes

As usual, the source code can be downloaded from our Github repository. Those looking for just the binaries can get them here.

This is a BETA release, there might be issues, so use at your own risk. It is stable, but is missing a few other bug fixes / enhancements. At this time there is no direct upgrade path. As the release becomes finalized, instructions will be posted.


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