Facebook has replaced email - and Twitter is fast replacing SMS

So a few minutes ago, I got this message from a friend through Facebook...


Ryan sent you a message.



Re: Coffee?


So I tried to DM you on Twitter just now and found out you don't follow me.  I'm going to have to give you a hard time for that.


Anyway, I've got a 9am call that I'm taking in my car on the way up to PA.  If I'm not there at 10, I'm  on my way.  See you soon.






I think it's official now that, at least in Silicon Valley, Facebook has replaced email (or at the very least heavily supplemented it - and it appears Twitter is fast replacing SMS.


Funny that a few years ago I had a conversation with Luke Nosek about Facebook replacing email, especially for the younger generation - and I know shortly afterwards someone from the Founders fund started using that line (cause hey, it was true) - and now it appears Twitter is fast replacing SMS.


Congratulations to my friends at Facebook and Twitter - you are thoroughly continuing to enhance and change the way we all communicate!


Ok, Now i have to go have Ryan ream me for not following him on Twitter yet.


  • Facebook replacing email feels like a monstrous step backwards, as you have to go out and log into Facebook, and it reaches far, far fewer folks.


  • Perspective is everything.

    I don't use facebook or twit but it seems like your friend used both in a manner more like instant messaging than email.

    I think both services are more about broadcasting that they are about person to person communication.

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