Night Golf - Video, Commentary, Scores and a Lot of Fun

We recently had night golf at our club.  Night golf is played as a scramble at our club.  We started about 9:30 pm or so and our group finished about 11:30 pm.  It was great fun.  The tees, the golf holes, the flags, and the golf carts are illuminated.  There is a lot of laughing at each other.  It is much harder to hit a golf ball when it is dark with no light than you think.

Here are a few things to high light in our application:
  • Because the scoreboard is on the web, you can send links to any one that you want to.  Your family at home can see the scoreboard.  Fyi, my family loves it because they can watch the team my son is on and their scores.
  • The video.  Even thought it was dark, it is possible to watch the golf ball in the air due to the golf ball being lit.  We have some great videos from that night.  One is Alan White's ball ending up about a foot from the hole on the third hole.
  • Pictures.  
  • Player commentary.  I'm not saying it is trash talk, but there is the ability to make comments from within the app and the commentary is displayed on the scoreboard and for other players to see.
This is definitely something that you want on your course and your club.  Contact me to see how to license Tournament Director for your golfing fun at your club.  

And just as an FYI, we are running on Xamarin, Azure, and Sql Server.  I've written everything.

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