Making your Golf Charity Scramble Memorable

You really want to make your charity/foundation golf scramble a memorable experience.  You want people to come back year after year.  You want to expose your sponsors to people in more ways. You want your golfers to clear the golf course as quickly as possible.  Your golfers have lives.  Sure, they love talking a bit after golf, but they don't like waiting around 90 minutes for the scores to be tallied.  You and your staff of volunteers have been at the golf course since 6:30 am.  They are hot.  They are tired.  They want to go home.  The golf pro staff is human.  They make mistakes.  They have been at the course for many hours.  They are hot and tired as well.  They really don't want to then spend the next 90 minutes chasing down scorecards and then having to total them up.     And when there are ties, they aren't looking forward to going through the work of the USGA tie breaking system. 

What you need, is the Tournament Director Scramble application to make your event truly memorable.  Here is a video of this at the Boys & Girls Club Phillip Fulmer event.  Watch the video as the players input their scores on the course in real time.  Your sponsors get full attention on the scoreboard.  Sponsor logos are displayed prominently in the header.  Each reload of the screen results in a new sponsor being displayed.  The scoreboard updates after each hole.  Ties are broken via the USGA recommended tie breaking algorithm.  Now, there is no fuss in getting this done.  Everything is handled automatically.

Tournament Director, LLC software is available on a subscription basis as well as on a per event basis.  Please contact us via our website.

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