Ward Takes On Microsoft

From Wards page on c2.com:

As of December, 2003, I've taken a position at Microsoft with the title Architect. I'll be working with a group I have consulted to this last year while producing http://msdn.com/patterns. I know that some authors here have no good will for the company. Please remember I will remain the same person. I also invite TipsForWardAtMicrosoft.

Having had some personal interaction with Ward in the last year my first question (along with everyone elses I'm sure) was “why?”. Looking closer at Wards wiki page revealed that he worked for IBM Consulting somewhat recently where he answers the same question. From WardAtIbm:

Why would I quit a cool job working for myself to join IBM?

Big Clients. It's that simple. Big companies are going to take Smalltalk to the next level. I wanted to be a part of it. But big companies don't hire little consulting outfits to help them make big decisions.

I was also spending too much time fooling with my web server and needed something really challenging to pull me away from it. And they got to me first. And they made me a nice offer...

With this explanation and my personal experience of how Ward makes decisions I know he didn't do this on a lark. I also understand the need for new challenges from time to time. I certianly need to jar myself from my ruts on ocasion.

Good luck to you Ward, hope we still see you at XPDX now and again.