Travis Collins

  • ASP.NET Labels with Associated Controls inside of User Controls

    I've been trying to use labels with the AssociatedControlID property more often.  If you aren't familiar with this property, it changes the behavior of the Label control.  Rather than rendering the typical <span> html element, the Label control will now render a <label> html element with the for property set.  This links the label to another server control.  This is good for accessibility, allows hotkeys to be set for the associated control, and also allows the user to click on the label in order to give focus to the associated control. Syntax is as follows

  • AJAX Timeout Server Control

    Don't you hate it when you are idle on a web app for just a bit too long, and your membership session gets timed out without warning?  Your users sure do!  Often times the user may not even realize he has been timed out until he finishes completing a form, and clicks the submit button.  At which time not only has the user lost his session, he has lost his data too.

  • Check Username Availability with ASP.NET AJAX

    Here is a little trick you can use to spice up your registration pages. I will use ASP.NET AJAX to inform the user whether the username they have entered is available. Rather than use the UpdatePanel, I will slim down the amount of data going over the wire for each ajax request. I will accomplish this using the PageMethods feature.

  • There Goes The Neighborhood

    Well I've decided to join the blogging trend, and hopefully pay it forward with some help to the community.  This should also force me to more thoroughly research topics which interest me.  Keep an eye on this space for the latest things I've learned in .NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, AJAX, or whatever technology I happen to be using today.