SharePoint 2010 – Tech Preview – Developer Documentation

Tech Preview (TP) of SharePoint and Office is out and more details are becoming public though TP is private… browse the documentation that’s now public under Open Specification initiative by Microsoft.

  1. Microsoft Office Protocol Documentation
  2. Microsoft Office File Formats Documentation
  3. Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocol Documentation
  4. SharePoint Products and Technologies: 2010 (Technical Preview) Developer Documentation
  5. Open Specifications Developer Center for links to above documentation on MSDN. Also links to various forums available on same topics.
  6. Microsoft Open Protocols site

There is plethora of information for those interested in discovering SP 2010 / Office 2010. Though Office team has confirmed that users can publicly blog about the content, its not explicitly confirmed that users can talk talk/blog about SP 2010 content, now that above documentation is out!



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