Ryan Ternier

Killer ASP.NET ninja coding monkeys do exist!

  • Application logging – yes it is important

    I’ve spent most of my professional career working on Enterprise Applications (mostly web based). Sometimes you release your code and everything goes smoothly (this is where praise is warranted by rarely given). However, there are times when code has been in place for many days, weeks, months without any issues and all of a sudden – all hell breaks loose and it stops (this is where harsh comments are never wanted but always received).

  • Find All Databases with…?

    I work with a lot of databases. Currently, we have over 500 databases on our one SQL box. Whenever I have to go in and modify a a specific XML section, I need a quick way to find any DataBase that has that specific XML text. I came up with a quick Script that goes through every database, searches for the table I want to see if it contains my XML text.

  • Google Chrome - A player?

    So today I'm playing with Google Chrome at work.  From my first look at it, it has promise. There's some beautiful things about it like when one tab freezes for one reason or another (something that would likely shut down Firefox / IE), only that tab freezes and not the entire application - allowing you to continue to work rather than stare at an un-responsive browser.

  • The grass is greener where you water it.

    I love watching people. I like to sit back, and watch peoples expressions, their body movements, their reactions to certain things. I don't really consider it eavesdropping, as I am not paying attention to the conversation, and I don't usually hear what's going on.  The other day I was watching a few developers from a larger company here in town bicker about something.. A friend of mine joined their group and saw I was drinking some coffee and invited me over.  The conversation soon turned towards working conditions, job satisfaction, salary, management etc... really whatever a group of developers talk about at a coffee shop. Now many would think we'd talk about games, however as "Geeks" we must maintain the persona that we have lives (note Geeks, not nerds... Geeks).

  • Acid 3 Test?

    Yes the Acid 3 test has been released. The official announcement is here, and because I loath copy/paste blog posts you will need to go there to read all the nitty/gritty about it. Pretty much Acid3 tests specifications for "web 2.0" (What the heck is web 2.0 anyways? When did the web get an update... I'm still waiting for my CD!). Too see exactly what's tested, check this out.

  • Why I love Javascript, and Ie7 hates extra ,'s in prototyping

    I've been working with javascript rather heavily for the past few... many months. Years ago when I started working with ASP.NET I was naive and thought everything should be done server side. I thought that the server should do all the work so the clients computers would be able to work fast.  It took only 1 year for me to turn that thinking around.  JavaScript rocks! 

  • CSS - Sprites?

    Web Designers are always trying to find new and innovative (read:easier and better) ways of creating web sites. Today I stumbled across two sites that really push this.