Tools I cannot work without.

I posted an article about Sites, References and Articls that I cannot work without awhile back. I decided I'd follow up on it on tools I cannot work without.

Visual Studio 2005.
Yea, I can't really work without this. This is my bread, butter, coffee, and ninja-snacks all coupled into one nice thing.

FireFox 2.x
This is my main development browser. I always create web sites and web applications to work first in FireFox. I then modify little bits to make sure they work in IE7.

FireFox Developer Toolbar.
This is the main tool I use while working with FireFox. It's a very lightweight accurate and very efficient tool for web design.

FireFox - FireBug
FireBug is not a priceless tool that I cannot work without. FireBug allows you to navigate through the HTML DOM as the browser sees it. Whenever you ViewSource (FF/IE) it will show you what the browser originally recieved from a web server. However with all the dynamic content being generated in todays world, we need to see what that content is. Firebug allows us to do this. Firebug also allows developers to disable and add CSS styles dynamically to any webpage they're browser. It also comes with a built in JavaScript debugger.

CSS Vista
I saw this on a blog awhile back and decided to give it a try. It is a great tool for fixing small CSS issues. You give it a URL and it will render that webpage in both FireFox 2.x and IE7... and displays both versions on one screen. From there you can modify the CSS files  that the URL uses and both browsers use your changes as you type them (Real Time!).

Windows Service Debugger
Anderson Imes blogged about this little tool he wrote. Now that I am working with Windows Services more, this tool is insanely helpful. All you do is reference his DLL, and change a single line of code in your Start method of your windows service. From there you can hit F5(Run) and you can debug directly inside your service.




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