MORE VS.NET 2003 Info

In my previous post, I talked a lot about the new Framework 1.1 and VS.NET 2003, and how they deal with the old stuff. After reading the first comments of my last post, I realized it might take more explaining than I thought. This may be a hard thing to swallow, so clear your mind, and be ready to take the red pill:

Are you ready?


Ah! Don't start talking yet. I'm not finished. Keep that mind clear ;). Now for the details.

VS.NET 2003 will not compile to 1.0. Ever. Nothing you could do will ever change it. Now, what you can do is set up a configuration file that makes the assembly attempt to run on 1.0, but it will still be compiled to 1.1.

Think of VS.NET and the Framework like conjoined twins. It's very difficult to separate the two (actually impossible). Each version of VS.NET is tied to it's corresponding version of the Framework, and they cannot be separated. VS.NET 2002 will not compile to 1.1, even if you've installed the 1.1 Framework redistributable.

If you want to still use VS.NET 2002, do not under any circumstances uninstall Framework 1.0. I cannot emphasize this enough. This will hose your system.

Who better than Early and Adopter to reinforce this notion. Read on, cutting edge developers, read on.

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