NHibernate Pitfalls Index

Updated on June 22th

These are the posts on NHibernate pitfalls I’ve written so far. This post will be updated whenever there are more.

  1. The SaveOrUpdate Event
  2. Collection Restrictions
  3. Specifying Event Listeners in XML Configuration
  4. Many to Many and Inverse
  5. Bags and Join
  6. Lazy Properties in Non-Lazy Entities
  7. Adding to a Bag Causes Loading
  8. Flushing Changes
  9. Private Setter on Id Property
  10. Stateless Sessions
  11. Table Per Concrete Type and Native Id Generators
  12. HQL, LINQ and Eager Loading
  13. Batching and Native Id Generators
  14. Large Strings
  15. Composite Keys
  16. Ghosts
  17. Entity Refresh
  18. Lazy Properties and Closed Sessions
  19. Merge
  20. SELECT N + 1
  21. Fetch and Lazy
  22. Lazy Entities and Virtual Members
  23. Querying a Collection Count
  24. SQL Queries and Parameter Prefix
  25. Lazy Scalar Properties Must Be Auto
  26. Cascades
  27. Eager Loading Multiple Collections
  28. Querying Unmapped Properties With LINQ
  29. Inheritance and Proxies
  30. QueryOver and Deep Expressions
  31. Custom Types and Detecting Changes
  32. Flush Mode
  33. Sets and Hash Codes
  34. Manually Assigned Identifiers
  35. Schema Auto Action
  36. Identity Identifiers
  37. Batch Loading
  38. Integrating NHibernate Validator
  39. Making Changes to the Configuration After the Session Factory Is Built
  40. Non Nullable Columns in Table Per Class Hierarchy Inheritance
  41. Take and Where Order in LINQ Queries
  42. DateTime Type Loses Milliseconds
  43. Collections of Elements and Inverse
  44. Table Schema
  45. Outer Joins of Unrelated Entities
  46. Aggregating Non-Nullable Numerical Values Without Records
  47. Fetch and Paging
  48. Loading Foreign Key Properties
  49. Querying Unmapped Classes
  50. XML Mappings
  51. HQL Delete Does Not Cascade
  52. Criteria and Collections of Non-Entities
  53. Get and Filters
  54. Deletes
  55. One Shot Delete and Inverse Collections
  56. Specifying Property Types
  57. Refreshing Manually Created Entities Does Not Bring Lazy Properties of Base Types
  58. HQL Queries With Joins
  59. Versioned Entities Are Not Batcheable
  60. Sharing a Session in Multiple Threads

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