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  • Visual Studio 2010 slow access to TFS

    Tags: TFS, Visual Studio

    Initially I thought it was a network issue. Though I compared the performance with Visual Studio 2008 and notice a huge different in terms of performance. After a few days, it was still the same. … more

  • How to uninstall GAC without gacutil

    Tags: .NET

    The web server behave differently and after tracing using ProcMon (Process Monitor) I found out that it using dlls from the GAC_MSIL directory. The directory doesn't visible to human eye because it … more

  • Meet WPF Twitter Client

    Tags: Open Source, Tools, WPF

    I'm not sure how many of my readers being on twitter. If you have no idea what it is, go to twitter.com, create your account there and start post what are you doing. I am a big fan of twitter. … more

  • Shame and Down to Earth HttpContext.Items Property

    Tags: ASP.NET

    There is a few options to used if you want to stored object on the server-side. Some of the common techniques people used are including Session, Cache, Application. There's a different between each … more

  • Bridging TFS and SVN

    Tags: Open Source, Tools

      This is my second attempt to write on a public on what I've found interesting to be shared and I hope it can established a series of posting. From The Pragmatic Programmer's book tip #23: … more