New blog on software architecture - The Architect´s Napkin

Since I´m mostly concerned with software architecture and my clients are asking again and again when I´m going to write a book about the topic, I finally decided to set out and compile the material to go into the book. And I decided to do it publicly, in a new blog.

Not that I haven´t done that before here and in my German blog. But now I´ll try to be more comprehensive, put everything in a single place, and add some new stuff I have not written about before. Plus, through a blog all´s open for discussion.

So if you like, have a look at The Architect´s Napkin. It´s the title of my blog, because I think, software architecture is not an arcane art to be practiced by just a few chosen in ivory towers, but can and needs to be practices by almost all developers at some point in time. So it better be easy - and what can be more easy than something that can be done on the back of a napkin?

So the architectural images you´ll see in the blog are like this


or like this


None will be more complicated than whatever fits on a napkin in a readable and understandable way. I strongly believe in the power of visualization; and I believe that any minute invested by an architect into a simpler depiction will save his developers hours of head scratching.

Hope to see you over there at the bar at I´ll be there sketching some architectures while sipping a cocktail...


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