An Exploration of O/R Mapping

I started a new blog. I want to explore the world of O/R Mapping more closely and will report my findings in my blog O/R Mapping Adventures.

It´s a subjective view of the topic as I dig deeper into it. Although I´ll start with some simple stuff, my true interest lies in exploring more advanced scenarios like distributed systems and optimizing the loading of objects. I want to go beyond the usual trivial examples of O/R Mapping and see, how far I can go with it - and where I need to resort to good old ADO.NET. Currently my belief is, the future lies with hybrid data access: O/R Mapping + ADO.NET. But we´ll see... In any case I want to try to put O/R Mapping into perspective with application architecture. What does this approach to persistence mean for modelling code?

If you like, follow me along in my exploration. I´m open to any comments on what I´m doing. 

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