SRT's Bill Wagner wins "Emerging Leader of the Year" Award from Automation Alley

Last night, SRT vice president and co-founder Bill Wagner received the "Emerging Leader of the Year Award" from Automation Alley.  This annual event is Southeast Michigan’s most prestigious, competitive honors for technology organizations and their leaders.  As an employee of SRT solutions, this comes as no surprise to me.  Bill's continuous emphasis on new technologies is an everyday occurrence.  Whether he's speaking at User Groups (or running them!), updating Effective C# for .NET 4.0 or working on tough technology problems with clients, Bill is always the go-to guy with the answers.

And this is not simply me doing a "suck up" post for my boss.  It's a post about how lucky I am to work at SRT.  To be able to bounce ideas off of Bill Wagner any time I want is awesome!  It's about being a part of the company he and Dianne Marsh created.  The company that convinced Chris Marinos to come work with us instead some other large, Redmond-based software company and give him the opportunity to create Elevate – a .NET version of the popular Boost library for C++.  These things, along with all of the other great talent at SRT, make it a great place to work!

Thanks to Bill and Dianne for giving me the opportunity to work at SRT and congratulations to Bill on the award.  Well deserved!!

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