BusFinder - Dublin bus Real time for Windows Phone 7

 BusFinder NearbyBusFinder NearbyThat's my frst post in a year but hey what a year, busy with my little experiments on Windows Phone.

 The lates one BusFinder is doing well and with some other developers we are hoping to do even better in the next release.

I have to admit that the first version was a bit rough and we learned a lot from the experience. Open Data is not yet a reality in Ireland, looks like it's still too proprietary stuff to my taste.

We had reports that some routes were wrong.

But at the second release we got it better, the results provided by the real timeinformation is accurate. We are including in the next release a Report button for any missing data liek stops or wrong route. This will help us providing more reliable information.

Now we are finishing few things before releasing the version 2.0. We have decided to jump from 1.1 to 2.0 because so much has been done to improve the UI and the features of BusFinder.

One thing we are going to include sooner than expected is a Near By function. As you can see on this screenshot, the green pin is my current location and I can see with the help of a slider the nearest stops around me.

Tap on a pin and you get the next bus to depart. Quite cool.

So much fun with the maps that we are working on another future feature, a Route Planner.

Expect the version 2.0 to be published sometime next week.

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