ASP.NET Mobile Handset Detection, Redirection & Development Made Easy

 Today almost all web sites are designed to operate on a desktop or laptop computer. Anyone operating marketing, ecommerce, information or entertainment web sites now needs to consider the mobile phone when designing content and services. Mobile web sites development is increasing day by day and so is the number of different mobile devices trying to access the web sites.

Major problems for web developers for mobile website development are following:

    * Detect mobile device and redirect user to mobile website E.g. practical client requirement: Apple users should be redirected to an Apple theme URL, RIM (BlackBerry) users should be redirected to a Blackberry theme URL and all other mobile devices should be redirected to a standard mobile theme URL.
    * Mobile device database to fetch mobile capabilities in order to deliver the best possible experience to mobile users

E.g. does this phone support java or flash, or what kind of entry method is available, such as a qwerty keyboard or a touch screen?



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