5 apps done and available in Windows 8 store !

At the end of last year, I took the personal challenge to create multiple apps for Windows 8, XAML and C#.

I had at the time one app ready but difficulties to pass the certification process. How things have changed since that dreadfu time ;-)

The whole experience of submitting an app and get it approved is so much better than on Windows Phone  (or other platforms).

All the apps below have been developed and released in less than 2 weeks! I don't consider myself a genius developer but as soon as you get the WindowsRT paradigms, like asynchronous features for example, everything goes fast, very fast.

In fact I spent most of my time tweaking the apps design, and it's still something I continue to do.

Because the update submission is so fast, it is not a problem anymore to submit multiple app version quickly. Thanks Microsoft for that, I wish you could apply this to the Windows Phone DevCenter.

I am currently finishing few projects, but app #6, #7 and #8 very close to completion.

#1 - BusFinder


BusFinder gives you access to live updates on the latest Dublin bus departures by searching for a bus stop or route.

BusFinder now works with maps!
- Search any route and stop
- Display on the map any stop location
- Display all the stops for any selected route
- Get any stop info including Real Time departures.

#2 - BikeFinder


Bike Finder is a free application that provides the bikes stations in Dublin.
You can list all stations or search for a nearby one.
You can also check if a bike is available, the maximum number of bikes for a selected station, the location of the station and if you can use your credit card.


#3 - Reskit


ResKit gives you easy access to educational resources, based on the official Irish Primary and Secondary level curriculum.

With an access to 15,000 educational resources, this app lets you browse through the subjects from the curriculum and select useful and interesting articles or resources.

All the lists are organized in an elegant way and a smooth animation to navigate through the selection process.

#4 - FotoBank


Browse more than 10 000 photos.

Whether you are looking for famous buildings, breathtaking landscapes, flowers, history, etc... FotoBank is always there!

- Browse by category
- Quick scrolling list
- A single tap then to see the selected photo full screen
- Save the picture to your phone to create high quality wallpapers (not available in Trial mode)

#5 - FotoIreland

This app present a gallery of snapshots from Ireland.

Browse an extensive collection of pictures all about Irish landscapes, plants and wildlife.

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