Opera 8.5 PocketPC quick test

OK so I just downloaded Opera for Pocket PC and tested it (iMate JasJar Windows Mobile 5.0). Well I was expecting to be blown away with a real Internet Explorer challenger.

Hmm nice to see something else than IE on a PocketPC but Opera is slow, less compliant than IE on CSS (yes it’s possible!) and I found just one difference. If you’re blogging using .Text you surely know it’s impossible to access the admin tool from a Pocket PC (the login button is not a standard button but a CSS one and doesn’t click with IE). Well with Opera it works !

So yes I can eventually use Opera for that maybe. The problem seems also that I am not sure if Opera for Pocket PC will be released for free, and I am surely not going to pay for using just the .Text admin login on the go (other solution exists) ;-)

At the moment removed from my Pocket PC until the final release!


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