More WSE thoughts....

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been working with WSE3 and in particular a SOAP routing/intermediary system that grabs SOAP compliant messages from the body of an email message, validates the encryption and signature, forwards on after transforming it and a bunmch of other things, all using WSE3.

I was having all sorts of problems trying to get what I thought was a valid SOAP envelope pushed through the WSE3 pipeline, and validating correctly (without exceptions). I tried all sorts of methods, but in the end, my simple calls to


were correct, it was the damn whitespace which I was blindly copying into the SOAP message that was causing the validation failures.

Thanks to Martin Granell for finding this for me, as I was completely overlooking it and focussing on other areas where I thought the issue was. Damn that whitespace....

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