Exploring Dynamic Data: Article Index

This is the index to a series of articles, to be published periodically, about the elements of ASP.NET Dynamic Data. It focuses on specific technologies, especially the web controls you use to build a Dynamic Data-based web form. As the author of Peter’s Data Entry Suite, I have identified limitations and gaps in Dynamic Data which I will also discuss. My commercial solution resolves many of those limitations and gaps.

  • Data Source controls to interact with your business logic – Discusses which DataSource web controls are best for good separation of concerns between UI and business logic.
  • Validation attributes for business logic. A look at the Validation attributes in System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.
  • DataTypeAttribute for business logic.
  • Textual attributes for business logic. The many ways to associate text with column and table elements.
  • Scaffolding attributes for business logic. What is scaffolding and how to manage it.
  • Other attributes for business logic. Includes my thoughts on what business logic attributes are missing.
  • Field Templates – Pending. The user interfaces for each data type.
  • DynamicControl and DynamicField – Pending. The mainstay web control for a user interface of a column in your business logic.
  • DynamicValidator control – Pending. Displays errors generated by your business logic.
  • Entity Templates – Pending. A user interface with webcontrols (including DynamicControls) and HTML to describe typical situation, such as a two column row in a detail record, an email entry, and a street address entry.
  • DataBound controls – Pending. ListView, FormView, GridView, and DetailsView are DataBound controls. Dynamic Data requires one as a container for any DynamicControl or DynamicField.
  • DynamicDataManager control – Pending. Connects Dynamic Data technology to the DataBound control.
  • DynamicFilter, FilterRepeater, and DynamicFilterRepeater – Pending. For building filtering user interfaces.
  • DataPager control – Pending. More than just for Dynamic Data, but central to managing list-based DataBound controls.
  • QueryExtender – Pending. Connects DynamicFilterRepeater with the DataSource control.
  • Page Templates – Pending. Provides nearly instant applications completely driven by scaffolding and other business logic attributes.
  • DynamicHyperlink control – Pending. Delivers a hyperlink that defines its URL based on URL routing rules.
  • What’s missing – Pending. Other elements that I’ve implemented to make Dynamic Data more robust.

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