Monika Dyrda

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  • Looking for a good way of sorting a ListView

    For sorting data in my application I needed to call a method on a presenter which will calls a service to get data ordered by this property. Without that sorting view only would be easy but I need paging so things got complicated :-)

  • Hello Caliburn – beginners guide to an amazing framework (1)

    I knew about Caliburn for some time but never really tried it until I've found a very simple solution to a problem that appeared complicated. After struggling a bit and asking some newbie-stupid questions on twitter I've decided to get to know the framework from the beginning. And of course I was trying to understand a big sample before reading any documentation so everything seemed very hard and complicated. Since I could not find any tutorial with a legendary 'hello caliburn' application I've decided to write one - for me to remember basics and maybe for someone else to get them too.

  • WPF: ListCollectionView for sorting, filtering and grouping

    I have written before that I need and like WPF lists (ListBox, ListView..) very much. Now I'd like to share a method to manipulate the view when being simply bound to a collection without touching this collection. It can be done in xaml as shown here but I don't like this approach very much because in my opinion operations like sorting, grouping belong to view model not directly view and no tests will be available if they are in view.

  • Seadragon is so cool! ;-)

     I know this post may be useless for most people but I've been looking at seadragon and found it so cool I can't resist... :-)

  • WPF TextBox validation 2

    Many people asked me how to enable/disable button depending on a few TextBoxes. I would strongly recommend Caliburn but I know not everyone can use it. So I’ve decided to post a very simple solution to that problem.

  • WPF ToolTip Content binding

    Did you know that content of a ToolTip is neither a part of visual nor logical tree? I didn't so I was trying to bind a ToolTip.Content using ElementName. And it didn't work:

  • WPF TextBox Validation

    Sample problem: set parameter by entering value into a TextBox, check if value is a number in given range, allow clicking a Button if validation was successful.